Spirit Vision and Comparison Chart


Compare Spirit Dental with other insurance & discount dental plans:

Features/Benefits Spirit Dental Other Dental Insurance Plans Discount Dental Plans
Choice of Absolutely any Dentist YES No - Usually Require PPO Networks No - PPO Networks are Required
No Waiting Periods YES No - Usually Require 12-18 Months for Major Services Yes
$1200, $2000 or $3000 Maximums YES No - Usually Only $1000 Maximum No Paid Benefits just discounts
Dental Implant Coverage YES No No Paid Benefits just discounts
3 Cleanings Per Year Covered at 100% YES No - Only Two Cleanings Offered No 100% coverage just discounts
Free Prescription Discount Card YES No Yes
Online or Paper Enrollment YES No - Usually Online Only No - Usually Online Only
Optional Vision Insurance Available YES No No Paid Benefits just discounts
No Monthly Association or Billing Fee's YES No - Can be as much as $6.00 extra per month Yes
Affordable Rates YES No - Can be 20-25% Higher than Spirit Dental Yes
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