Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses come in tens of thousands of combinations of size, shape and power. That's why contact lenses are a prescription item and must be fitted by an experienced professional. This ensures comfortable fit and great vision.

Your eye care practitioner will evaluate your eyes to determine which lens is right for you and will take into account your special needs such as dry eyes, a desire for color change or the need for overnight wear.


When you choose contacts instead of eyeglasses your $120 allowance applies to the cost of your lenses, fitting, and evaluation exam. This exam is in addition to your initial exam to make sure of the proper fit of your contact lenses.

  • Plan A - Contact Lenses - $15 Copay Every 24 Months
  • Plan B - Contact Lenses - $25 Copay Every 12 Months

Exclusive VSP Discounts

  • Exclusive pricing on annual supplies of popular brands
  • 15% off cost of contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation) 
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