Eye Care Services

You only get one set of eyes to use per lifetime. 

According to the National Eye Institute, more than 11 million Americans have an uncorrected visual impairment that can impact their quality of life. Don't let this happen to you or your family members.  Annual eye exams are an important part of your overall health routine. They detect potential vision problems, prevent blindness, and help identify other potential health problems.

When was the last time you visited the eye doctor?

Did you know that half of all the causes of blindness can be prevented by simply seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis?

What is the right type of technology available to correct your vision?

Frames and Lenses

Did you know that there are many options when choosing lenses for your glasses? As technology continues to improve, it’s important to ask your doctor which options are best for you.


Gone are the days of basic choices for contact lens wearers. It’s a brave – and potentially confusing – new world of options. Adding to the confusion: your eyes might not like some of them.


Laser eye surgery, also called Lasik, can be life changing for those who suffer from low vision. Your eye doctor can help you determine whether the procedure is right for you.

All the Best Choices in Eyewear

From classic to trendy you will find hundreds of options to choose from and most importantly the one that fits your unique personality. VSP frames include dozens of top brand names. 

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